Glitter Tears

This one is going to be short and sweet. I just needed to say that it’s official. Glitter glue for your face now exists. 

Lit Cosmetics saw to it that we no longer have to suffer through two-dimensional glitter. Now, we can have 3D glitter tears like we deserve…

Or not. 

I think this product is really interesting, and I love innovative makeup, but I’m not sure how to use it. I’ve seen some looks with 3D glitter tears and tribal inspired dots and lines, but they aren’t exactly looks you would rock at the office. 

I’m sure it will have some use for SFX makeup, but I’m not so sure otherwise. 

This is a new product that I can’t see myself adding to my kit. 


3 Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

Today I’m going to get a little abstract on you. I’m going to try and nail down some of this spring’s beauty trends. So, what do I think will be hot stuff this spring?

1. Bushy or Bleached Brows

I’ve started noticing more and more of this in past couple weeks. Gone are the days of sharp and bold brows. People are still on the bold brow trend, but are moving more towards softer lines and natural edges. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I’m also seeing more and more bleached brows.

Will the trend continue? With brands like Kat Von D Beauty putting out tutorials on how to achieve the bleached brow look without the bleach, I don’t see it going away any time soon.


2. All Gloss Everything

For the past few years, it’s been all matte everything (with the odd splash of glitter here or there), but gloss is making a comeback. And it’s not just for lips. Glossy lids are all the rage in the high fashion world of makeup. They are not exactly wearable day to day, due to excessive creasing, but you can’t go very far online without running into it.

Companies like Urban Decay are focusing on glittery and glossy lip-toppers to take matte colours to a high-shine finish.FullSizeRender-1.jpg

3. Bright, Bold Peachy Colours

Forget the typical pastels of spring, this year it’s going to be about shimmering orange. Peaches with splashes of bright, vivid colours are making their rounds. From the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette to Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny palette, peach is the new mauve. And what better to pair it with than a shocking blue or a stormy purple?

I have to say, I am 100% supportive of this trend. Peach is an almost universally flattering tone and it’s so much more fun than the subdued colours that tend to be popular during spring. The move from pastel to peach is a-okay with me, and I’ll never say no to something bold.




In Defence of the Selfie

I can’t help but notice there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the idea of the selfie. People see it as vain, “basic”, or just plain stupid. They then start to transfer those feelings onto the people who take and post them.

Well, I’m here to encourage you to keep taking selfies. How is this related to makeup? A lot of people seem to think that someone wears makeup solely for the purpose of looking good or pleasing others. That simply isn’t the case.

With both selfies and makeup, they have become forms of self-expression. Two of the great loves of my life have been photography and painting. I got my start in the visual arts by slaving over fine lines in watercolor. It was a very natural transition to go from using brushes on paper to using brushes on my face. I have a diploma in photography and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for that sweet Rembrandt portrait lighting when I take a selfie. It only makes sense that two things I’m passionate about would seep into everyday practice.

By expressing yourself through your outward appearance, you are owning a place in the world. The same thing goes for selfies. When you’re posting a picture of yourself or some amazing makeup you did, you are saying “I am worthy of taking space on someone else’s feed”. That is a very important thing to feel and say because it’s true. And we don’t hear or think it often enough.

You are absolutely, 100% worthy of taking up space. You are worthy of being seen. You are worthy of expressing yourself however you feel. You are worthy of thinking you look beautiful or sexy or silly or gory or crazy or any other thing that makes you feel empowered.

If rocking screaming-red lips and posting a selfie a day helps you feel like you are worth it, then I will be there to “like” it. Support each other, love each other, express yourself, and take a million selfies. Because you’re worthy of taking up that space.

5 Minute Makeup

It’s weird to say, but I don’t wear makeup most days. Maybe 2 days of the week you can find me with makeup on, and that includes days where it’s just a touch of foundation and mascara. 

It’s not because I don’t like makeup. If I didn’t like makeup, it’d be really weird for me to have a blog dedicated to it. I am just very, very busy all the time. It also doesn’t help that I can wear very, very little makeup at work. 

So, I often find myself with five minutes to do my makeup. What can you do in five minutes? Not much. 

I dab a little foundation under my eyes, and across my T-zone. I blend it in as quickly as I can with my beautyblender. 

I quickly apply a little nude lipstick (or gloss if I’m feeling saucy), slap on some mascara, and sweep a little blush. 

That’s it. That’s really all I have time for. It’s enough to brighten up my face and hide, to some degree, the immense amount of exhaustion that is often cradling me in its grasp. I don’t have a lot of time to sleep. 

What are your five minute makeup tips? 

3 Pro-Tips to up your Makeup Game

I’ve been really into lists lately.

1. Mix your primer with your cream colours

I’m a huge fan of cream colours. They are straight pigment in cream form. You can use them for anything (literally). This creates a bit of a problem, though, when it comes to using them as eyeliner.

They smudge like the dickens. It’s not their fault. If they were waterproof and steadfast you wouldn’t be able to use them for anything other than eyeliner. So, how do you take your favourite cream colour and turn it into a wearable liner?

Eyeshadow primer. More specifically, Urban Decay Potion Primer. If you mix it with a touch of your cream colour, it will create the perfect liner that won’t smear and crease. It’s not quite as reliable as a dedicated gel liner, but it will certainly last much longer than without it.

2. Setting powder for your lips

Matte lips have been taking the world by storm the past couple years. However, liquid to matte lipsticks at Sephora tend to range from $15 up to $30. That’s a lot of money for a lipstick. A simple trick is to take whatever regular lipstick you have and pat setting powder over top.

The setting powder will give it the matte finish, and it will also make it last a lot longer. It’s not quite as food-proof as some liquid to mattes out there, but it will certainly extend the life of any lipstick. Plus, you can then take your favourite colour and try it out in a matte lip without having to shell out $20.

3. Start with the crease, and start with a base colour

This is a pretty straight forward tip. Blend the shadows of your crease first, and always blend in a colour before you go for black. Even if the colour is the exact same shade as your skin tone, blending a touch in the crease will make it so much easier to blend the main colour in.

When doing a straight black smokey eye, I will blend a neutral taupe in my crease. This way, when it comes to blending the black, it’s blending into a smooth surface. It’s much, much easier to blend two shadows together than it is to blend one over skin.

3 Eco-friendly, Money-saving Makeup Hacks

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I hate the word “hack” and I only used it because that’s what the cool kids are doing.

Now that that’s off my chest, here are some makeup tips that will help you save money AND the environment.

1. Oil Makeup Remover

Pick an oil, any oil, and then smear it all over your face. I first discovered this because my skin is dainty like rose petals and sincerely hates makeup remover. I used coconut oil to remove some stubborn liquid to matte lipstick and it took it right off. Then I thought, why don’t I use this for everything?

I have since switched to canola oil because it is locally produced and has a lower carbon footprint, but this works with any oil. It may take a couple tests for you to find one that works with your skin, but it is so much cheaper and gentler than traditional makeup remover. I don’t even need to apply lotion on my skin afterwards (unless it’s incredibly dry as it has a tendency to be in one of the coldest cities on the planet).

I suggest finding an oil that is locally produced as it has lower environmental impact and will generally be cheaper.


2. Revive Old Makeup with Oil

Okay, here’s oil tip #2.

Instead of spending more money and throwing product in the trash, bring it back to life with a couple drops of oil. Oil is an easy way to fix flaking mascara and crumbling gels. If your gel liner isn’t packing the punch it used it, give it some moisture.

This tip also works great with potted lipsticks, eyebrow gels, foundations, cream colours, you name it. It’s perfection.

For example, here’s a before and after with some mascara. Two drops of canola oil is all it needed!


3. Swap Face Wipes with Face Cloths

This one works best with tip #1. Traditional makeup removers and toners call for using cotton pads. Instead, keep a soft cloth by the bathroom sink and reuse it. I use a microfibre cloth and wash it weekly. Anything that calls for cotton pads gets the cloth instead.a

“What’s the deal with cotton balls?” You may be asking. Well, cotton is a plant that has to be harvested. This includes using pesticides, having to process it, clean it, ship it, and all those other things just for you to use it once and toss it in the trash. A face cloth won’t be without a footprint, but the fact that you can use it (or repurpose it from old clothing) makes it WAY cheaper and WAY more environmentally friendly.



So there you have it folks. How to save money and the environment when it comes to your makeup.


3 Simple Bridal Makeup Tips

There are so many things to think about when it comes to weddings. I had mine this August and I planned it from two provinces away. To say the least, I was pretty stressed.

Engagement seems like a weird whirlwind of waiting and planning. It’s like it can’t happen soon enough and then it’s suddenly two weeks away and oh goodness you have so much stuff to do and no time to do it. It’s easy for makeup to fall to the wayside.

I am doing makeup for my dear friend Diana on her big day. She is a wedding blogger and has planned her’s top to bottom (If you’re looking for some tips on wedding planning that doesn’t involve makeup, might I suggest checking out

The only thing she wasn’t sure of? Makeup. She doesn’t wear it and wasn’t sure where to start with it all. So I sat her down and did a nice, simple bridal look for her. It’s pretty, it’s pink, and it makes her glow. Those are all things brides want, right?

A lot of brides are not used to wearing makeup. You don’t have to on your big day (really), but a lot of brides also feel like if there’s any day to do it, that’s the one. So how do you do bridal makeup if you’re not used to makeup?


1. Go neutral

It may seem obvious, but if you’re not used to makeup you don’t want to play with colours on a big day like this. I would normally encourage you to push your comfort zone, but feeling confident on such a big day is important. Find some simple peachy nudes for a subtle touch of colour and a soft glow.


2. Avoid liner

To many people, eyeliner is makeup. Before a night out, they swipe a little liner on and call it a day. That’s a-okay! On your wedding day though, if you are not used to makeup, eyeliner will just make you feel like you’re rocking the raccoon eyes. They could be perfectly executed wings, but if you are not used to it, it will feel like you are channeling your inner Avril Lavigne. Go for some simple nude shadows with a touch of shimmer if you want it a little glamor.

3. Satin finish lipstick

If you’re not super versed in makeup, satin finished lipstick is the default finish. It’s not super glossy, but it’s also not matte. It’s a very natural finish. Another default “simple” makeup tends to be gloss, but a satin finish can really pull a look together and make it feel professional. As suggested in tip one, find a nice nude lipstick in a satin finish and you will have a new default lip look. My personal favourite (for my skin tone) is Bite Beauty in “Pepper”.

IMG_8576 copy.jpg

Want to see them all in action? Here’s the video of Diana’s bridal makeup run-through!


Product List:

Maybelline FIT Me foundation

tarte Cosmetics Shadows/blush

Sephora Highlighter

Ardell Lashes

Bare Minerals Lipstick